Erik the Artist

Born Erik-Jan Pliner to a mother from Amsterdam and father from Chicago, Erik studied Fine Arts at Indiana University, Bloomington graduating with a Double major in Art & Psychology.

Erik the Artist launched in 2003 and proudly having fundraised $1,000's with artwork donations to many wonderful organizations striving to make to positive difference in the world.

Erik's artwork hangs on 1,000's of walls and is fulfilled by everyone who enjoy seeing each day.

Thank you for visiting.

Guitar Center Music Foundation 2nd Annual Concert Fundraiser Guitar Legend Ernie Isley

Raising money with a few signed Ernie Isley paintings was part of a great night of celebration, fun and purpose. From a photo taken by Mr. Bill Hammond, I created a painting and Hammond Entertainment produced this event. A grandiose evening and wonderful honoring Ernie Isley!


Bespoke Men's Club - Paintings by Erik the Artist

Hosted by Rodney McLeod and Malcolm Jenkins

Damari Savile and Back of House first annual Men's Club during ESPY week Downtown Los Angeles Fashion District. Featuring the very best in clothing, art, jewelry, whisky and grooming.

George Lopez 11th Annual Fundraiser

Celebrity Golf Classic 2 Day Event

George Lopez Foundation raised over $800,000. Erik the Artist proud to have assisted with artwork donations . See Erik's paintings and some of the celebrities from the 2 day spectacular event!

Logo into Dimensional Art

3-D Color Changing Effect in Dimension

Updating an existing logo into a dimensional, color changing piece of art. Great for signs, displays and printed formats of any size.

Video Presentations

Tim McGraw Painting

Black and White painting on multiple layers of plexiglass. 

Illumination from within and from behind.

Video shows depth and effect of light and layers.

Stevie Ray Vaughan painting

Painted on Multiple layers, watch the painting change colors.

Comes with a remote control, pick your effect or color.

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